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Anyone tried Opus Magnum?

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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

5 months ago#1
Care to share thoughts on the difficulty? Video review i watched looked interesting but i couldnt quite work out fully what was actually going on
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User Info: Darth_Kamcio

5 months ago#2
"The lack of an explicit "branch" instruction does make for simpler puzzles than TIS-100 or Shenzhen I/O (for example), but I find the result to be a tighter focus on the aspects that matter to this game, rather than being too simple. In addition, Opus Magnum should be considerably less intimidating to many people than those games were, given its much more visual nature."

"Possibly the only Zachtronics game my feeble mind can handle."

"Opus Magnum is much more accessible than Zachtronics previous games, and possibly their best. It's the free and open form of gameplay mean you are looking for a solution, rather than the solution.

It is still a fiendish puzzle game, casting you as an alchemist making machines to transmute and create molecules. But it is much more user friendly and accessible this time, with no restrictions at all. The aim is first to create what-ever based on a given input. When you have built a machine, you are compared with what everyone else have done, and you can see how effective you have been, based on histograms of average costs (gold, #cycles and area size), and it is up to you if you want o go back and try to optimise it for a greater score in either category. It is a great incentive to just try to tweak it just a little bit more to cut down the cost or the cycles it uses, and creep a little bit higher up on statistics."

"The game give you all the tools from the get go, and there are no penalties, which means you do exactly what you want to complete a level. Whether you then want to spend time optimizing your creation, or just see what kind of silliness you can do. The game has a very gentle learning curve and a very good tutorial which teaches you everything you need to make the machines work. As it gives you all the tools you need from the start, complexity is introduced by the nature of the inputs and outputs, not by giving you new things to learn as you progress. It already have a lot of levels, and access to user created levels (through Steam Workshop at the moment). It also looks very good, and the ability to create shareable gifs of your working machines is a stroke of genius. "

I think those steam reviews might give you the picture you're looking for. Haven't played the game myself, but been eyeing it as well.
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User Info: hokkendire

5 months ago#3
It gets difficult around the end of the 3rd chapter. But if you want you can easily brute force all the solutions as you have unlimited room to work with. The repeatability comes from optimizing solutions like in previous zach games
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