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How exactly do Y splitter cables work for gaming headsets?

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  3. How exactly do Y splitter cables work for gaming headsets?

User Info: luigi33

4 months ago#1
I have a gaming headset that functions as a headphone as well. The front jack of my PC is messed up but the back jacks on my motherboard work fine. I insert my headphones in and they work perfectly but I need my mic to work as well but there's no microphone jack in the back on my mobo for some reason. So I figured I'd use a Y Splitter on my audiojack in the back but I only hear the audio and cannot play the microphone.
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User Info: Chass1990

4 months ago#2
the mic needs to be plugged to the mic jack to work....plugging a mic plug into a headphone jack only works if the headphone port accepts TRRS, which most certainly do not. If you do not have a working mic jack on your PC, the cheapest option is probably a USB adapter like this one:

Some headsets include a USB adapter as well.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

4 months ago#3
Typical stereo Y splitters don't work with mics - your mic is actually a third channel on an analog headset. You have stereo right, stereo left, and mono mic. A Y splitter only has two cords, and contacts for stereo left and right.

What confuses me a bit is, does your headset just have a single plug that covers both sound and mic? Most PC headsets have two separate cables already, and all you need is an extension cable for one or the other (stereo for the headset, or mono for the mic, either would work).

If your headset has a single cable, like a cell phone headset or something, you'd need a splitter made explicitly for headsets with mic. Something along these lines:
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