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GW2 path of fire.

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User Info: thegreatuhjohn

4 months ago#1
What is everyone's opinions on them getting rid of world bosses for the bounties. I don't like it, I prefer that I know there are going to be enough people at a certain place at a certain time.

User Info: juscallmeehx

4 months ago#2
I have to admit, World Bosses seem more epic and require some coordination. Bounties feel like a zerg fest. One after the other.
It's not the hardware in your hands that matters, but the software in your hearts.

User Info: SinisterSlay

4 months ago#3
Hate bounties and it seems few if anyone do them now. Even if it's a daily you'll have trouble finding people. And the rewards are garbage.
He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who... sticks out in darkness... is... fluorescent! - Brother Silence
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