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What Steam game cost you the most money?

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User Info: Galcian

4 months ago#51
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition - $13.59

User Info: CyrusV

4 months ago#52
NieR:Automata for $41.99+tax.
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User Info: OrgeLambart

4 months ago#53
steam game, I suppose any of the numerous full priced games I've purchased..

With DLC, most likely one of the gold or game + season pass games I've bought, most likely COD WW2..

Although I did also purchase the COD Definitive collection a few years back, think at the time it was like 200 - 300 dollars, at the time I was really only interested in getting world at war for the zombie maps, but figured meh I"ll likely buy them all at some point and it was a pretty big sale at the time..
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User Info: GXL_Leon

4 months ago#54
Preordered Dark Souls 3 Deluxe for 89.99... wasnt worth it, not so good port.
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User Info: Erhnam Djinn

Erhnam Djinn
4 months ago#55
MGSV $59.99 day one. The only one I paid full price on Steam.
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User Info: nominturddaddy

4 months ago#56
I used to buy games at asking price all the time before console devs infected PC devs with their money tactics (envy is unfortunately all too human), broken releases that never got fixed became norm, low quality ports, etc.

But I mean $60CDN is the max I've spent on any Steam game. It's interesting that it's become a badge of honor to avoid paying full price at all costs. Developers have done a lot since the 360/PS3 days to make consumers suspicious of pretty much everything they do. Part of it is the increased understanding of the operations end of things... they've been milking gamers hard all along, people just didn't become more aware of it until they started doing pointless flaunts of their status like Horse Armor and ondisc DLC.
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User Info: nominturddaddy

4 months ago#57
Well ondisc DLC isn't really pointless... it's a pretty huge flex to get some people to pay to access something they already have. Like holy s***... pretty sure Nintendo started it in their ereader days...
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User Info: GTL581

4 months ago#58
I think the most I spent was on berserk musou earlier this year, around $45 maybe? After that probably skyrim for $40 during its first winter sale, and its expansions for about $7 a few years later if that's supposed to count too
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