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Recommend a gaming pc for a beginner

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User Info: duces9killa

4 months ago#1
I know there a stick topic about gaming pc but what im asking is what gaming pc that already built do you guys recommend for a beginner. Perferably in the $500-$1000 range

User Info: duces9killa

4 months ago#2
These is going to be my first gaming pc. So i have almost zero knowledge on which one to get.

User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
4 months ago#3
FPS are for beginners. All you need to do is run wifi(make sure you get packets loss) & peek peoples.

User Info: thelocalhentai

4 months ago#4
There's an online Dell deal that constantly pops up (holiday stuff I presume) on a Ryzen 7 with an RX580 for 750, if you want a GTX1060 with it, it's like 850. It's a pretty good deal for a good cheapy prebuilt beginner computer.

If it's your first time, you can go to a brick and mortar shop and check out what they have, sometimes places like Fry's have some ridiculously good deals, just make sure you do more research before purchasing.

User Info: mucloud

4 months ago#5
For 1080p you want a GPU of a..

Gtx 1060 6gbs or higher the highest is a 1070 gtx no need to go past that for 1080p.

For the AMD side you want a Rx 580.

The cheaper route is the 1060 or 580.

For the cpu Intel i5 skyline series

For the AMD side Ryzen 1600 or better.

Just find a Motherboard combo with the cpu and mobo and the GPU listed above and your set.

16gbs of RAM at minimum no less games now a days use a lot.

A 120gb or more SSD for the OS.

And a 2tb HDD or better for storage, right now frys has a external 5tb HDD for $119 do pick that up.

Other then those your all set.

Example of a AMD build

Intel version
Corsair Carbide 540 White W10 64bit ASRock AB350 Pro4 AMD RYZEN 7 1700X 750Watt Thermaltake PSU Patriot Viper Elite 16GB RAM XFX Radeon R9 390 8GB
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