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There is a lot of fear mongering by net neutrality supporters

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  3. There is a lot of fear mongering by net neutrality supporters

User Info: geejq

3 months ago#11
All these things could potentially happen, do you have reasons why you're against it, or just don't like their approach to getting support?

User Info: wizardmon

3 months ago#12
While there was never any real media coverage about it, Clearwire was throttling youtube in my area back in 2009 or so, which was included as part of a class action lawsuit (which failed because the ISP wasn't doing anything that was considered 'illegal' at the time) against them because the ISP wasn't providing advertised speed to Youtube.

Huh... just noticed that they also supposedly blocked a competing phone service Vonage back in '05 too.

I really don't understand how anyone can attempt to justify giving up the protections in place that enforce ISPs giving us full speed to everything.
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User Info: Alaph0000

3 months ago#13
Net Neutrality is nothing but a setup by someone becoming rich. This place has been turned quite a 3rd dimension alike. Nothing but a devil run amoks since the communication arise.

User Info: Nixemo

3 months ago#14
I agree OP and I will be laughing with you when nothing significant happens upon its repeal. The internet nowadays deserves to die anyway, no great loss either way.
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User Info: Dyshonest

3 months ago#15
No, it's not fear mongering, my little Trump shill.

Net neutrality as a totality was only enacted in 2015 but aspects of it were in effect already for decades prior.

a****** Pie, the head of the FCC, is repealing all aspects of net neutrality, even the ones in effect prior to 2015.

User Info: Monopoman

3 months ago#16
Just because they didn't do the things people fear on day one doesn't mean that it won't happen. A gradual change is much easier to get away with than a radical change in one day. Also sure some ISP's may not do a damn thing, it still doesn't mean we shouldn't have a bill in place to make sure they don't.

Really getting rid of net neutrality is as dumb as claiming that the power company could determine what we could and couldn't use with the power they provide us for a price. Sorry sir you can't use our power to light up that Christmas Tree you didn't pay for the holiday lightning package.
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User Info: Djoser2000

3 months ago#17
OP has no clue about the topic but still opens a thread.
Grats, you played yourself.

User Info: MrSprings

3 months ago#18
I hope you're trolling.. if not you deserve worse than what words can describe without becoming moddable.
"Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist."- GC

User Info: thelocalhentai

3 months ago#19
This tool thinks that having to pay bundles is the worst things that can happen. There are big consequences to not having net neutrality.

User Info: Dyshonest

3 months ago#20
Djoser2000 posted...
OP has no clue about the topic but still opens a thread.
Grats, you played yourself.
He voted for a rich billionaire who embodies the corporate attitude to "drain the swamp" of pro-corporate ideals and to make things fairer for the everyman instead of corporations.

He has no clue about life period.
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  3. There is a lot of fear mongering by net neutrality supporters

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