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Which CPU when building a new PC?

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User Info: captsplatter_1

5 months ago#21
zhenghan posted...
captsplatter_1 posted...
Iceman83 posted...
I'm leaning toward the i9 to "future proof" in a sense. I want this system to last at least 5 years before I do a major upgrade.

CPUs tend to be the components that last the longest, thank goodness too, since a CPU upgrade usually means a new build just about.

yes this is true, gives me a headache just thinking about how to upgrade the CPU in my machine xD. probably gonna replace the whole thing except for the video card, hard drive, sound card, and wifi card. you can't even keep the case in my case since it's so old it will need a new bracket for SSDs and it's not even compatible with USB 3.0 for the front panel.

the good thing is I think I can keep it for this console generation still since they're using a tablet CPU in the consoles.

edit: on second thought, probably better to start over with a new hard drive as well. 1TB is too small these days =/

Mine is a 6700k so I won't be able to upgrade the CPU unless I want to replace the mobo, and possibly RAM as well. Getting a 7700k is redundent to uprade to.
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