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2012 Macbook Pro, considering adding an SSD

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User Info: Child_Adrift

3 months ago#1
Mac board is dead, so I hope it's alright asking here. I imagine a lot of the same things apply.

I'm not particularly knowledgeable about computer hardware, so I could use advice. I have a 2012 15 inch Macbook Pro, which I mainly use for multimedia creation, and online entertainment / downloading, but occasional gaming. I was considering buying a new one, in order to get better speed and new features. But a person suggested I consider simply buying an SSD to either:
- Replace my current hard drive, or
- replace my disk drive (which I never use) with an SSD to be my primary drive, and my hard drive my secondary.

I don't know how good an idea this is, or the logistics of doing so. If I do, I'd also want more info:
- Which of those two suggestions sounds ideal?
- Does a 1TB SSD give best longevity?
- Ideal SSD brand and build for a 2012 Macbook Pro, if I upgrade to High Sierra? (Ideally not Apple due to prices)
- What files will benefit most from being on an SSD as opposed to the secondary hard drive (other than apps and OS)?
- If I replace my current hard drive with the SSD, would I need a USB harddrive to back up onto, to transfer the files? (I have a lot, making cloud storage too slow an option)

Any and all thoughts welcome. No one has to answer every question. I can give further information if requested. Thanks in advance.

PS: Would this be a good choice?
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User Info: Griff

3 months ago#2
I did it with my 2011 Macbook pro, it made a huge difference.
With all of the latest OS updates, my machine was struggling, it was becoming annoyingly slow.
Throwing in an SSD made it new again, the machine boots in seconds and the apps are practically instantaneous. Getting rid of the 5400rpm mechanical clunker is the best thing you can do to give your mac new life. Size is up to you, you'll need to gauge your usage, but a 1 tb is usually more then adequate.
I threw in a crucial, got it for roughly $280 on Amazon.
I installed Carbon Copy Cloner, removed the old drive, installed the SSD, attached the old drive via an $10 sata USB cable adapter, booted from the original drive, used Apple Disk Utility to prep the SSD and then used Carbon Copy to clone the data. Lastly set the internal as the boot and that was it.
Sure, that EVO is fine, everything will benefit from an SSD.

User Info: Ciera

3 months ago#3
An 850 evo would be perfectly fine. For $15 you can buy a caddy to swap out your DVD drive for another SSD (or if you want to keep your HDD). Totally worth it IMO. Along with upgrading the RAM to 16GB, easiest upgrades you can do to get more longevity from your MBP.
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User Info: SirisS_G_P

3 months ago#4
Ahh yes.
a 2012 Macbook Pro, the last great Macbook Pro. I would avoid buying a new Macbook pro since it would be a downgrade. The new Macbooks pros don't even have dedicated GPU's like you're current 15" 2012 one.
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