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Does your computer handle 8k60 video playback?

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User Info: xk_gman

4 months ago#11
wow that video looks incredible and im on a 1440p monitor with the 8k60 setting selected on youtube

User Info: RyanEsau

4 months ago#12
Not gonna bother trying to watch the whole thing but yes.

Watched about 30~ seconds roughly. It plays just fine but my internet speed isn't fast enough to actively keep up while I'm trying to watch it. Constantly run into a wall needing to buffer.

Retested it at 4K60 (since I'm planning to go 4K next month) and it plays fine without running into buffering. So that's good to know beforehand.

Also tried (out of curiosity) the first 8K video I ever saw.

Watched about 1m/3m and it went smoother (in terms of buffering). It was like a battle though. The video would buffer like nearly the same second I just about reach that frame it was sitting on. If it was just a little quicker on the draw to buffer it'd be fine. So I guess I probably only need a little faster speed for 8K60. Maybe double though for the 8K60 HDR...
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