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Alright.. check my thinking, tell me if I'm nuts!

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  3. Alright.. check my thinking, tell me if I'm nuts!

User Info: axes2t2

2 months ago#11
Noyack posted...
I want a xbox one x. I want it for casual couch play and to game on my 4k tv.

Yup, you are nuts.
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User Info: johnny_pay

2 months ago#12
Noyack posted...
I hear ya, but not really. I am having a lot of issues getting my Pc to run like a console. I just want to play with a controller on my 4k tv. I get a lot of little annoyances.

1. elite controller won't work with the division. A bug where multiple buttons register for b button
2. steam and won't rum together with Destiny 2.
3. no hdr
4. no blue ray player
5. poor controller settibgs on many games
6. pc not in living room or close to it

1. this can be fixed through software

2. This is strange as I have no problems running all 3 programs at the same time.

3. There is HDR on some games, it normally gets patched in with the console version. You do need a HDR monitor.

4. There are blu Ray players they cost around $70 and come with software that supports it.

5. Games have better controller support now than ever before, you can pretty much switch between them on the fly. For everything else there's software for it.

6. Move your pc? You could also build a small streaming device or buy one and plug that into your TV.

User Info: captsplatter_1

2 months ago#13
The only reason honestly to get the X1X at this point is because of the 4k blurayplayer. If you are not buying it for that, don't bother.
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  3. Alright.. check my thinking, tell me if I'm nuts!

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