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Should i upgrade or buy a new rig ?

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User Info: Fayt255

2 months ago#1
My pc is struggling running PUBG on low , i know it's not the best optimized game out there but i would like to get better fps. I also want to buy a 2k gsync monitor in the near future.

here are my Spec:

GTX 760
I5 3570k (not OC)
16 gb Ram
Corsair h100i
Asus pz77-v plus

So should i just get a new rig or upgrade this one ? I wanted to buy a 1080TI but i heard of the bottleneck..

User Info: Silvererazor

2 months ago#2
What is your FPS-target? If 60, then you'll be fine with the 1080ti alone. If 144fps+, then a new CPU+mobo+RAM would be reasonable.

User Info: Fayt255

2 months ago#3
I am currently targeting 60 fps but yeah with my future monitor i would like to get to 100 + fps. I think i will upgrade my GPU and keep my 1080p monitor for a year or two. Which gpu would you recommend with my current build ?

User Info: Paragon21XX

2 months ago#4
Overclock your 3570K first as upgrading the CPU to the latest won't result in huge gains (should easily hit close to 4.3GHz and perhaps even 4.5 if you're fortunate, otherwise what was the point in getting that H100i if you aren't going to overclock) and upgrade your GPU for sure. 1080 Ti would be reasonable based on what you want to achieve and shouldn't be bottlenecked by an OC'd Ivy Bridge.

User Info: wantfastcars

2 months ago#5
I was able to hit 4.7 with my 3570k under water. You should be fine, especially if your target is 60FPS. I was even able to manage 100+ FPS in a few games, but I think that was actually my 480 holding me back since I was playing at 1440p. The 3570k is still serviceable, so I say upgrade, not build new.
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User Info: speedforce131

2 months ago#6
You need a new graphics card. A 1070 will suffice. You might want to overclock it too. I wouldn't go 1080 or 1080ti. The i5 will bottleneck it for sure.

User Info: Comyx

2 months ago#7
Don't go overboard with your graphic card if you don't want a total upgrade, cause the cpu is likely to begin bottlenecking on some games.
Not sure about a 1070, but I think anything above it would get some bottlenecking depending on the game.
Not sure about overclocking, though, so maybe you will be fine after ocing.

User Info: Fayt255

2 months ago#8
Ok i think i will overclock my cpu and buy a 1060 or 1070. I have never OC'd anything how do i do it exactly , should i Just look up on youtube ? Thanks

User Info: Renraku_San

2 months ago#9
New build - get rid of that quad core trash.
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User Info: protools1983

2 months ago#10
New build, your mobo alone tells you that is the way to go.
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