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What GPU you got and why you chose it?

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User Info: mucloud

3 months ago#71
R9 390 still going strong, I will be getting the Vega 64 when the price drops to normal.
Corsair Carbide 540 White W10 64bit ASRock AB350 Pro4 AMD RYZEN 7 1700X 750Watt Thermaltake PSU Patriot Viper Elite 16GB RAM XFX Radeon R9 390 8GB

User Info: arleas

3 months ago#72
Currently on a 1080Ti and I picked it because I wanted the best I could get for VR. I had a 1080 superclocked prior to that and stepped up to the Ti.
FC: 3325-5440-8407 Dream Code:5E00-0013-7C61

User Info: TheOpposite

3 months ago#73
GTX 970, because I wanted something powerful but not too expensive at the time, and better than the 960 since I had used x60 GeForce cards before and wanted to go one better. The 970 still works fine for my needs.
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