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Should I buy it?

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User Info: RPGlover2

3 months ago#1
Basically I just upgraded my computer a few days ago. I had the older components lying around, as well as some even older ones. With all these components together, I was able to assemble another low-end computer (with a few minor unnoticeable problems). But since I had only one monitor, I just put it in the store room. Recently, I found a used 1024 * 768 LCD monitor for only ~$18 (converted).

So, the question is, it worth buying? Don't get me wrong. I'm not being a cheapskate or anything, I'm just unsure. If I get this, I'll have two functional computers and will be able to use the newly assembled one too. Otherwise, I'm guessing I'll have to let it rot away in the corner...
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User Info: KaizerLaw

3 months ago#2
Why not?
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