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That redshirtguy from Blizzcon

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User Info: captsplatter_1

2 months ago#18
nominturddaddy posted...
Purge everything. The time is now. Quickly. Before they arrive.

Red shirt guy everything you mean.
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User Info: nominturddaddy

2 months ago#19
What is going on in this topic? I just awoke from what was supposed to be an afternoon nap. What are all these words being put into my mouth? Who made these posts in other threads in my absence? HELLO? DOES ANYBODY HEAR ME, OR IS THIS ALL IN MY HEAD!

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User Info: Interfusor

2 months ago#20
That redshirt guy came into this topic, raged like a raging bonehead and was banned for posting lewd pictures of him and Metzen.
I am not economically viable.
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