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I don't understand Tales of Berseria.

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User Info: mucloud

4 months ago#11
Besteria is one of the harder tales games to do combos they put too much into the fighting the need to keep it more simple
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User Info: MMG_

4 months ago#12
You are supposed to equip different artes in different buttons.

I played it on a controller btw. You can equip 4 different of artes in each of the 4 buttons, giving you an option of having 16 different artes equipped at the same time, you use them based on the order you created while equipping them.

If you attack with your first arte from the button X and then midcombo use the button A you'll use the second arte of that button and so on.

I'm horrible at explaing things but that's what I got.

You equip the artes based on enemy weakness, if you want to kill them easily.
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 months ago#13
Terrorknight3 posted...
Simple system is subjective. Once I got into the game, I was bombarded with artes so it would make sense why it would seem quite confusing to me.

I agree.
The game has some tutorials that will get you to do an action so you learn it.

But then suddenly a battle will finish and it'll say "If you do a flarble right after a groomble, it'll cause a chain moobah that'll increase your maximum ting-time so you can gain more bork points!" and I'm like "What did any of that mean?"

The game is really poor at explaining its key concepts. I slowly understand some of it but like you I always feel like I go into battle just spamming stuff and hoping for the best.

I've got to a part where it explained chaining and that makes sense, but it tutorialised it pretty poorly.

I can see myself understanding it later, but for now it's kinda abstract and bizarre.
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User Info: __Blight__

4 months ago#14
Pelaaja82 posted...
speedforce131 posted...
When you go into any given area, look at the enemies, what type they are and what weaknesses they have. Customize your arte combos around these types and weaknesses. Going into a fight, you want to build up points by killing enemies using your customized combo. That will allow you to extend the amount of combos you can do.

The basic game plan is to whittle their HP down low enough, then activate your claw form (it'll take away one of your combo points), kill the enemy which gains your points back. If the fights last long enough, you can activate your super arte or whatever it's called.

Pelaaja82 posted...
Berseria had like the most boring Tales combat i have ever seen.

It only seems boring because of the point buildup process. But once things get rolling, you couldn't slow it down enough. It's just total action.

That is what made it so boring for me, the full on button smashing action didnt appeal to me at all. I find the older Tales games combat much better, than in this new one.

Agreed. It's even worst on harder difficulties because of enemies large ass HP pool. S*** got old fast.
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