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what is currently your favorite game on PC

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User Info: korky122

5 months ago#61

User Info: Hagan

5 months ago#62
Overwatch, though my SR is down a lot of as late so I have not been enjoying it as much lol.
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User Info: jay2101

5 months ago#63
Titan Quest with it's new expansion.

User Info: LB3

5 months ago#64
Vampire the Masqurade Bloodlines.

I have not played it in awhile but it is still my favorite game. Some day if im really really good santa will give me a remake or sequel.

User Info: -5xad0w-

5 months ago#65
Sairento VR.
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User Info: wentzelot

5 months ago#66
right now it's dark souls 1 . although this year i found sonic mania, cuphead, divinity os 2, nex machina,and hollow knight to be the best games i played on pc

User Info: darkhouse999

5 months ago#67
Guild Wars 2, the game is in a great state and it looks like it is going to just get better.
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User Info: Noraneko_Vel

5 months ago#68
Nier Automata

User Info: ablerider

5 months ago#69
Right now AC IV has my attention, it was free so it was worth a try and l actually liked it.

I remember renting it for ps4 years ago but didn't even play it.

User Info: arleas

5 months ago#70
Lately it's been Factorio. I have had a problem with wanting to be perfect, then failing to be perfect I would restart the game this time vowing to be perfect... so I never got anywhere because I was always restarting. Now I've just been rolling with it and my factory is a horrible mess but I'm getting somewhere...
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