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what is currently your favorite game on PC

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User Info: TheOpposite

3 months ago#51
Minecraft. I need to find a new favorite. I've been playing it on and off since version 1.8.8, not that I am tired of it or anything. Maybe I'll check out Terraria.

I also enjoy Ys: TOiF, the old (pre-Generals) Command & Conquer games, the Jedi Knight games and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. There's not really anything I play that needs a current PC.

User Info: unknown_VS

3 months ago#52
Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

actually, I liked VA-11 HALL-A more, but I just finished that.

And VV is starting to get a bit tedious tbh, but those graphics... so good haha.

And the best thing? No Steam launcher, you just click it, it does its thing and bam - works... !

Incredible, the future is here, guys. ;)

User Info: zhenghan

3 months ago#53
Probably PUBG. It is a unique PC experience for the time being.
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User Info: kaufmaniac

3 months ago#54
Rimworld.Honestly this game is like crack for those that love sims(the genre not the game).The way your colonists develop it's quite interesting.For example.It's been a while since i actually felt bad for one of my characters in a video game.Until i saw this colonist in my colony that some times just went into drinking binges.Downing beers like crazy.Years later.He developed a carcinoma in the liver i think.I actually felt sad for the little guy.Maybe cause sometimes i drink too many beers myself.Thankfully in the game you can operate your colonists.And while i was checking for ways to treat his illness.I found out you can actually extirpate the carcinoma since it was still small.And i did and the little guy has been okay since then.

I could go on and on about this game but i will only say that Rimworld it's one of the best sims i have ever played.The funny thing is that i only found out about this game.Cause i heard somewhere the poor dev got into trouble with the eternally outraged Social Justice Soyboys.Cause...i don't even remember what he did...that got them mad.But probably it was something that would only bother the clinically insane.

User Info: celebar

3 months ago#55
Witcher 3
thank you for reading my post
regards, celebar

User Info: mccue166

3 months ago#56
Pillars of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin 2, and Assassin's Creed: Origins was a blast to play through.
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User Info: Darkshowers

3 months ago#57
Tie Fighter: Collector's Edition

Honorable mentions go to Diablo 2, Thief: Dark Project, Baldur's Gate and Alien Isolation.

User Info: captsplatter_1

3 months ago#58
zhenghan posted...
Probably PUBG. It is a unique PC experience for the time being.

Is it really? With more and more battle arenas (forgot the term for it) coming out or already out.
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User Info: Paranoiac

3 months ago#59
Star Wars Battlefront 2

User Info: Terotrous

3 months ago#60
Probably Starcraft 2. It's an extremely well-polished game with a ton of content that keeps getting new updates. It's also one of the last major PC games that feels "complete". It's not burdened down with loot boxes or microtransactions the way most modern PC games are. I guess you could complain that it has a fair amount of DLC, but the prices on the DLC are fairly reasonable, especially given the continued support for the game.

It's very depressing to play Overwatch after playing SC2, it's just so much worse in pretty much every regard. There's far less content, the balance is much worse, and the unlockables are far less satisfying. If Overwatch had been designed similarly to SC2, it would probably be the best FPS of all time, but since gaming is all about dat microtransaction money these days it'll never happen. - My backloggery - A psychological fantasy novel series, book 2 finally complete
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