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what is currently your favorite game on PC

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User Info: sfcalimari

4 months ago#41
Nioh is amazeballs but after like 100 hours in it it's kinda finally losing its appeal since it's just repeating, and bosses are either really easy or kill me in one hit. I dunno why but I just never like NG modes in games like this compared to the desperate struggle to survive and level up in the base game.
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User Info: cbgreely

4 months ago#42
Borderlands 2.
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User Info: Veluxier

4 months ago#43
Pelaaja82 posted...

I honestly cant stop playing this one.

User Info: pothocket

4 months ago#44
Opus Magnum is still my current favorite pc game. At least I'm able to pull myself away now and play other stuff. Pretty sure I went through an entire month though, at least, of literally only playing OM

User Info: Bossdog421

4 months ago#45
I've really only been playing Titanfall 2 recently.
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User Info: JVolz1982

4 months ago#46
Put about 300 hours into Warframe in the last 2 months, so I'll say that.

User Info: Zero280

4 months ago#47
Touya999 posted...
Doki doki literature club.

I loled just started playing this the other day.

User Info: wizardmon

4 months ago#48
PUBG and Overwatch.
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User Info: Borticus1

4 months ago#49
Of all time?

I miss the Mechwarrior: Mercenaries games. 2 or 4, doesn't matter. Really hoping MW:M 5 is good.
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4 months ago#50
Just passed 1900 hours played in civ v. So probably that.
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