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what is currently your favorite game on PC

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User Info: Shinkoden

2 months ago#11
Pelaaja82 posted...

This. 118 hours in the game since I got it.

User Info: Djoser2000

2 months ago#12
What do you mean?
Fav of all time? Fav of currently played titles?

Currently playing Tyranny and never expected it to be this good.

User Info: zKanoe

2 months ago#13
Fight'N Rage.
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User Info: SilentCaay

2 months ago#14
Shadowverse is one of my most played games currently. Lot of fun for a card game and a big update is coming at the end of the month. New play modes, new class, new expansion.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades has had a bunch of recent updates that have added tons of fun stuff to do between Meat Grinder becoming a full-fledged game mode, Take & Hold being a fun new prototype mode and the update to last year's Meatmas scene for this month's Meatmas update.

My GOTY has to go to Nier: Automata for it's brilliance. The combat wasn't complex, the story had some issues, 9S's chapters had some amazingly dull parts compared to the rest of the game but taking a step back and looking at the forest, not the trees, it just all came together brilliantly.
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User Info: NuclearHendrix

2 months ago#15
Friday the 13th. I bought it during Steam's Halloween sale, and haven't played much else since.
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User Info: Touya999

2 months ago#16
Doki doki literature club.
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User Info: johnny_pay

2 months ago#17
Fallout 2 is goat.

I'm currently enjoying R6 siege.

User Info: OptimusRekt

2 months ago#18
Stardew Valley.

Although I think I played some 30 hours or more on Slime Rancher. Both good games.
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User Info: GeminiX7

2 months ago#19
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut
7 Days to Die
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User Info: USF

2 months ago#20
Currently Rainbow Six Siege.
Currently Playing: Stuff.
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