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I Watch Total Biscuit For Good Informative PC Videos. Why Does He Block Comments

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User Info: johnny_pay

4 months ago#21
I believe it went something he told some dude he hoped the dude got cancer, few months later he found out he (tb) had cancer, everyone s*** on him saying he deserved it.

User Info: thelocalhentai

4 months ago#22
tearast posted...
The special little snowflake gets triggered whenever someone is mean to him on the internet.
Probably because of s***posts from absolute nobodies like these.

User Info: Somato

4 months ago#23
He turned them off years ago because reading them annoyed him too much, but he couldn't stop looking at them.
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User Info: GMAK2442

4 months ago#25
Maybe the comments would be not constructive enough.

User Info: CrestedTax

4 months ago#26
Darkanagar posted...
He's still alive?

What a shame...

He doesn't want to read stupid s*** like this on his own videos I suppose.
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User Info: drags_

4 months ago#28
DiviDude posted...
Better question is, why allow comments? Especially on Youtube.

Digital foundry would probably die without the comment section fueling the trolls in their stupid console war.

User Info: Crissaegrim

4 months ago#29
He's a borderline narcissist that can't handle any sort of constructive criticism. Look up his meltdowns when Trump won, his wife voting third party, traps are gay joke, critique of his warframe review while receiving $400 in free s***, his somethingawful and Twitter posting history etc. The guy can make some good wtf is videos for Indy PC titles but as soon as he has to interact with the community everything goes to s***. He has two subreddits because the first was too critical of him and I think he had to ignore the second one recently as well.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

4 months ago#30
The problem isn't the comment section, it's the internet itself. This thread sums up how pointless "discussions" are. People can say whatever they want with no repercussions...So why wouldn't they? Could be fun to get people razzled.
You've got ten minutes. There's policies even your section have to follow
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