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the 1 shining grace for W10 is DX12; unfortunately in late 2017 it still sucks

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  3. the 1 shining grace for W10 is DX12; unfortunately in late 2017 it still sucks

User Info: Sir_Haxor

10 months ago#31
W8.1 Master race checking in.
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User Info: TheOpposite

10 months ago#32
Reasons I use Windows 10:

-It was forced on me by hardware that requires it for no reason

Reasons I hate Windows 10:

-The interface, Start menu, etc. are terrible
-None of the new "features" are anything that is used by me or most other PC users
-Some games don't work without tweaking, including games that worked fine in Windows 7. Example: Red Alert 2
-Microsoft and Intel forcing it on people by making 7th and 8th generation Intel hardware not support prior Windows versions for no reason other than to sell Windows 10

Fortunately I still have Windows 7 on my main computer, and considering the games I play are all 6-7 years old or older and there's nothing remotely interesting to play since then, I'm fine with it.

The only thing they could do to make me like Windows 10 is make folders and the Start menu like they were in 7 and fix game compatibility to be the same as 7, and get rid of forced updates.

User Info: Spaced92

10 months ago#33
There was a big deal made of only AMD cards getting any real benefit.

While you can say Nvidia's decision to focus on DX11 did sabotage it, there was never any real selling point to DX12 that inspired any excitement for it beyond the more performance obsessed geeks, and even they wouldn't have been encouraged by the lack of support. Oooo 10% performance benefits in specific games with specific cards, when they said games were going to run nearly twice as well.

Also stuff like DX12 in Warhammer bombing hard, lots of stability problems and crashes. Games need to be built from the ground up supporting DX12, otherwise there are no improvements or worse, it may finally arrive a year or two from now.
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User Info: zhenghan

10 months ago#34
DX12 may be the next DX10, ie. no one using it. Maybe DX13 will actually be good.
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User Info: Marikhen

10 months ago#35
Even though SDKs shipped long before Windows 10 did I honestly think it'd still too early to expect to see a bunch of DX12 games on the market, even if the API were what you'd call healthy. The real concern should start setting in around 2019/2020 if the DX12 library is still anemic, and if the library hasn't grown by at least 1,000% by 2022 we can write it off a dead/wasted API.
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  3. the 1 shining grace for W10 is DX12; unfortunately in late 2017 it still sucks

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