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Should I stop getting PS4 games and start playing on PC

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User Info: captsplatter_1

4 months ago#11
speedforce131 posted...
PS4=exclusives, PC=everything else. For certain multiplayer games, you might want to stay on PS4 because PC community will not adopt the game or play it very long.

Ya also if more of my friends are on PS4 instead of PC I would get that multiplat on PS4 instead.
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User Info: unknown_VS

4 months ago#12
Dawnshadow posted...
it's basically essential for modern PC gaming.

Which is my biggest issue with pc gaming currently, it's such a disappointing app, it's not even funny how it lacks basic functions and how utterly broken most of its features are - I get it, it's just a DRM player, I just wish it would be a bit nicer and functional.

Like - there's an option for individual games called "follow the global settings", except there are NO global settings, or at least the end user can't access them, why have this s*** there then at all?

Or why can't I make the "settings" window go full screen? The letters are so tiny already why does it have to be in a small window on top of that? The whole thing sucks so much - I don't think you even can change the gawd awful grayish black default color of the launcher.

But yeah TC, if none of that is an issue for you I don't see what's wrong with pc gaming, you'll get better picture quality and to play some games you'd otherwise be unable to play.

User Info: loader963

4 months ago#13
So you have a huge steam library but you want to know if you should start playing it? The answer is take a hammer to the PS4, toss the Razer in the trash, and then think about your life.
I can be patient, but I'm not waiting!

User Info: unknown_VS

4 months ago#14
That also seems like a sound advice tbh... ;D

User Info: Boge

4 months ago#15
Silvererazor posted...
The thing is, that the vast majority of the bad ports, is at least as good as the consoleversions. PC-gamers speak of "bad ports", if the game is basically a consoleemulation (so 1080p locked resolution at locked 30fps).

Exactly. a "bad PC port" is basically a console quality version.
With deeper knowledge and experience, everything becomes more shallow.
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