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Should I stop getting PS4 games and start playing on PC

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User Info: demonofnight

4 months ago#1
I Have a good pc (Razer blade with a 1060), but I have been playing on my ps4 for years, and even the latest releases I have on my PS4.
But, my steam library is huge and I have been considering to get my future games on steam to play on my PC.

Unfortunately I have almost no knowledge on how is the current state of PC games, I remember some very bad examples of ports.
How is it now, is it still bad, should I stay on PS4 or move to PC?
I know that there are some games that are way better on PC, and I imagine that a 1060m is way better than what a PS4 can do.

What are your opinions on that?
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User Info: ajxh

4 months ago#2
Most ports are pretty identical across platforms. There are still some examples of poor or lazy ports, of course, but those are pretty infrequent. Also, you'll definitely get a superior image quality and performance experience with that PC versus a standard PS4 (and probably a Pro, too).

User Info: Pelaaja82

4 months ago#3
I would just keep playing with both, ps4 have few good exclusives and play everything else with your pc.
Pc: i7 6700k/980 ti/16gb ram and Ps4.

User Info: Silvererazor

4 months ago#4
The thing is, that the vast majority of the bad ports, is at least as good as the consoleversions. PC-gamers speak of "bad ports", if the game is basically a consoleemulation (so 1080p locked resolution at locked 30fps).

User Info: 2DJunky

4 months ago#5
I never liked any cross-platform games, well except for Thea: The Awakening but then again why would anybody play such type of games on consoles with inferior controls?! etc...
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User Info: mucloud

4 months ago#6
Keep your ps4 and your pc some games are only on ps4 only so you will have the best of both worlds
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User Info: Coffee_Nurse

4 months ago#7
I keep my PS4 around for exclusives. If Sega brought the Yakuza series over to PC, I could get rid of my PS4, and never look back.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

4 months ago#8
Look at it this way: when the PS5 comes out, what happens to your PS4 games? What about when the PS7 is out and you want to go back and play Bloodborne or whatever?

PC games don't go away like that. While you do sometimes have to jump through some hoops with older games, it's very rare for a game to become completely unplayable-- the community generally comes through. The exceptions generally involve either dead MMOs or games with always-online DRM, such as in the case of Darkspore. EA decided to no longer support it, but instead of patching it to remove the always-online DRM, they just shut down the DRM servers and left people who had purchased the game utterly unable to play it.

Admittedly, right now Steam going down would be devistating. It's not a monopoly-- several other competing services exist-- but it's basically essential for modern PC gaming. And, unfortunately, Sony still bribes developers to make games exclusive to their console. But if you like to play your old games, PC's probably the better bet.
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User Info: speedforce131

4 months ago#9
PS4=exclusives, PC=everything else. For certain multiplayer games, you might want to stay on PS4 because PC community will not adopt the game or play it very long.

User Info: Cards_and_Hats

4 months ago#10
I use my PS4 for exclusives and for certain genres like fighting games because those are dead on PC

for the ports thing I would only say like 1 out of 20 games have a bad/lazy pc port and those are eventually fixed by community or dev patches, even then the complaint is always something b****y like a game being locked at 60fps when that is what most people play at anyways and the rest of the game is fine

I would just keep both so you can have a choice for online community or things like mods
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