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Advice on front intake fans for a new PC build

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User Info: TravisCombs

7 months ago#1
Hey all,

A few days ago I assembled a PC for my friend. This friend doesn't really have a lot of money; I was originally going to sell him my old PC for about $350, but to make a really long story short, I'm going to be selling him this newly assembled PC for $350 and eating the rest out of my pocket. As such, budget is tight and the less spent, the better.

Here are the components that it currently has (as well as the prices I paid, moreso there for me to track my spending):

I went with the MasterBox Lite 5 because it'll be $29.99 after the rebate, and it seemed to have pretty good reviews and features other than the fact that it's not great at cooling.

The case only comes with one fan (rear exhaust) and I haven't added any case fans, so in total the computer only has that rear exhaust, the AMD stock CPU fan, and the 2 fans on the graphics card.

A few days ago (and over that night) I ran AIDA64 to stress test the CPU. The test was about 12 hours and I had the sides of the case off, so I wasn't concerned with temps (the test was mostly to check stability, especially with the RAM since I know Ryzen is picky).

Then yesterday, I did a 2 hour stress test on the CPU with the case fully together. According to HWMonitor, the CPU temp peaked at 59C early on, but leveled out and maintained 57C for most of the test (probably at least 1h45m was at 57C). With that said, AIDA64 claimed my CPU was 51C for that whole time, so I'm not sure if AIDA64 or HWMonitor's readout is more reliable.

Also yesterday, I did a 2 hour stress test of just the GPU. HWM showed it basically stayed at 72C the whole time, at a fan speed of 55%.

Today I've been running a combo CPU and GPU stress test with AIDA64. It's been running over 2 hours now. HWMonitor has been showing my CPU at 72C for most of the test with a peak of 73C (although again AIDA64 was lower, showing the CPU ranging from 63-64C). HWM also shows the GPU temp at a consistent 72-73C with 57% fan speed.

My question is, are these reasonable temps as-is? I doubt the computer will ever be in a scenario where both the GPU and all 6 cores of the CPU maintain a constant 100% usage, so I feel these temps are a "worse case scenario" and will only stay lower.

With that mentality, is it worth buying a case fan or two to put in the front? I know the front intake vents on the MasterBox Lite 5 are poor (very small) so I'm not sure how effective adding fans would be anyway.

If I do go to add fans, I considered these:

The price seems reasonable, they have a good CFM of ~78, and they even include a splitter if I opt for 2 fans which is nice because the mobo only has one free case fan header.

Alternatively, I could opt for a single one of these, which my own new PC has 3 of:

TL;DR Version: Are CPU and GPU temps of 72-73C during AIDA64 stress testing without front intake case fans acceptable, or should I invest in buying another fan or two to lower them?
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User Info: DXMG

7 months ago#2
it doesnt need any if its only getting to low 70s under full load. You could be 20° higher across the board and still be "safe".

edit: maybe not 20, but definitely 15
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