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Connect both my PC and Phone to the same speakers?

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User Info: Trayvon

3 months ago#1
is there a way to connect both my PC to the same speakers if I only have 1 set of (red/white) input holes on the back of the speakers?

I want it so I can listen to music from my phone ( as efficiently as possible, ie. not having to unplug the speaker jack from the PC to put into my phone) without having to turn on my pc.

is there some sort of quick switch for the source or something

bonus points: ideally wirelessly for the phone

User Info: atomic561

3 months ago#2
If it has Bluetooth you can use that.

User Info: Trayvon

3 months ago#3
is there some sort of adapter or splitter I can use?

and yes my phone has bluetooth

User Info: ajxh

3 months ago#4
If the speakers themselves support Bluetooth, then yes, you can do that wirelessly. There might be a way to do it across Bluetooth through your PC if the speakers don't have Bluetooth support, but that would entail having to go through your PC, which would seem counterproductive to what you're trying to do.

You'll most likely have to buy a splitter of some sort that has multiple outputs but just one input. It doesn't seem to readily pop up on Google, so you might have to dig a bit to find something.

User Info: gideond

3 months ago#5
I have Mackie CR4's and they have an AUX port on the front. I know the CR5s can be had with BT as well. There is also this which could be usable for you. Reviews are decent overall, but there are some complaints on sound quality from some. There are a few other brands making similar products.
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  3. Connect both my PC and Phone to the same speakers?

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