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So is it just pretty much Saints row 2 that runs like crap on PC ?

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  3. So is it just pretty much Saints row 2 that runs like crap on PC ?

User Info: Kano92

4 months ago#1
I've read that SR2 on PC is a bad port, should I just get the others then ?

User Info: arleas

4 months ago#2
SR2 runs fine, it's just that on older CPUs there was an issue with the game running too fast (or slow) and there's one mission that tends to black screen on you. There's a "Gentlemen of the Row" mod that fixes all of that though.

I have SR2 and have played and enjoyed it (once I applied the fixes). I also have tried it on my newer computer and the speed issue doesn't seem to be there on my i7... the Core2 Quad I was on ran the game too fast so I had to use a mod to slow it down, but the i7 just needs the black screen fix and it's good to go.
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User Info: Heaven17

4 months ago#3
It definitely does not run fine. On my laptop with 2GB nVidia graphics card (which runs SR3 and SR4 silky-smooth), it produces this horrible vomit-inducing lag especially with many object on screen (i.e. when driving). I have played it once to the end and would like a re-play but cannot stand it anymore. And believe me, I've tried many different settings, patches and mods. It just IS a bad port (from XBox), whereas the two sequels were coded directly for the PC.

User Info: Golden_Gonads

4 months ago#4
It ran fine for me 5 years back on a 10 year old machine. Would say more, but hey! 5 years.

User Info: johnny_pay

4 months ago#5
It was a bad port but due to mods and brute force it runs fine.

User Info: MarceloSampaio

4 months ago#6
SR2 on PC is a bad port. Needs an unofficial fix just to make the game bearable, and even with the fix, the game stutters when running at full speed, since the game seems to load data in an odd way.

That said, it IS a playable and, with the Gentlemen of the Row mod, you won't have many issues (and I assume the stutter will disappear on a SSD. Never tried that). Also, the game itself is amazing, and actually my favorite Saints Row, so I recommend that you try it anyway.
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User Info: vlado_e

4 months ago#7
As others have said, SR2 is a bad port. It might even be the worst PC port in existence, although I've heard that elsewhere, I can't really say if it is so myself. At any rate, the unofficial patch/mod Gentlemen of the Row does make it playable.

The only annoying part is the fact that the game's speed is locked to the CPU speed. There is a fix for it - you can scale the game speed up or down but it's just inconvenient, since it would be different for most people, so you have to play around until it works for your machine.

With that said, the game works fine once you add the fixes. The Gentlemen of the Row also supposedly adds more clothes and stuff but I'm not sure what those are, as I've not played it without.
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User Info: anonymous46773

4 months ago#8
I played with Gentlemen of the Row and I don't remember having a single issue with the game on PC.
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User Info: arleas

4 months ago#9
Heaven17 posted...
It definitely does not run fine.

Ok, so if you're on an old crappy machine then it runs crappy. I was able to play it just fine on a Q9550 Core 2 Quad with 8GB of RAM and a GTX 570.

vlado_e posted...
It might even be the worst PC port in existence,

I think there are probably far worse ports (as in totally doesn't work or they botched the controls or something).

vlado_e posted...
The only annoying part is the fact that the game's speed is locked to the CPU speed.

As I said before, it seemed that was a problem on my older CPU (the Q9550) but when I tried it again on my i7 the problem didn't show up. Even with the Gentlemen of the Row mod you're supposed to run a "race" where your car goes super slow and you only have to drive straight and if you check the time at the end of the race against the correct time, it tells you approximately how much you have to slow the game down.

I didn't have to play around with the settings at all to get it right. I just ran the "race" and saw my time was about 78% of what it should have been, so I used that to set the mod to slow the game down to that. I could also verify I had the right time by running the race again and checking the time.

I did have to do this fix on the old CPU but it wasn't at all necessary on the i7 4770K.

Looking on the web about the problem it MIGHT be because of something called the "HPET" (High precision Event Timer) which might have been enabled on my BIOS by default, and thus why the new CPU doesn't have a problem while the old one did.

From the guide I saw:
All you have to do is turn "HPET" (High Precision Event Timer) and "ACPI" (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) on. These settings depend on what kind of Motherboard you have, mostly the company that manufactured it.
ASUS for example, they have a specific name for ACPI, I can't remember. What I can remember though, is that there were three options, two of them were "Power On" and "Power Off". Choose "Power On" and you have ACPI on in an ASUS Motherboard.

For more information, most of the new motherboards already have HPET on, while ACPI is off.

Then, you'll have to use the Command Prompt to make sure it is enabled.

To do so, just press on start, then on the Search tab, type "cmd". A program named "cmd.exe" will appear.
Right click on it for its context menu, then click on "Run as Administrator".
In the CMD window, type "bcdedit /set useplatformclock true" without the quotes, then click enter and restart your PC.

One reader reported that by just using the CMD (no BIOS editing), he was able to fix Saints Row 2's speed. So I suggest for those that don't want to edit their BIOS to just do it with CMD, see if it will work just by this way.

I don't recall ever running a cmd window for anything could also just be that windows 10 fixes the error while windows 7 did not. 🤷‍♂
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User Info: ElDudorino

4 months ago#10
Saints Row 2 played pretty well on my old Q6600 and 8800GT, still played well on my i5-750 and HD6870, and again still plays well on my i5-4690k and GTX760. I played through it several times back when it was newish and have played through several times since then. I don't even remember the cutscene issue at the airport or whatever from the old days, but anyway the Gentlemen of the Row mod fixes things like that and adds a few cool things to the game as well.

I've only ever played SR2 on the PC and I love the hell out of it. I've seen enough complaints about bugs to know that the port had some issues but I'm a bit tempted to believe that some of the people who still talk about how bad of a port it is haven't actually played it. We're not talking DMC3:SE quality here.

Edit> And I've never done anything in a command prompt for SR2 on Windows 7 or 8.1.
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