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Dual Monitor Help

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User Info: TypH_

4 months ago#1
So I recently got a new monitor, the Asus vg248qe. I am planning on using it as my main monitor and want to use my old monitor as the 2nd one. However, when I have them both plugged in via display port for one and hdmi for the other, BOTH monitors stop showing any kind of display, completely black. When I first got it, I simply moved the other one over and plugged the new one in, both worked perfectly. When I shutdown and restarted my PC, only my old monitor would work. Now, like I stated previously, neither of the monitors work when I have them both plugged in. ONLY when I unplug the HDMI from my GPU will the new monitor work. I have tried all the trivial solutions like unplugging for a bit, restarting, updating gpu drivers, etc. I have had my PC for about a year now and haven't had any problems. I am completely stumped. I would appreciate any help I could get.

Here's my PC specs.


User Info: d209999

4 months ago#2
Are you using any type of adapters to connect the monitors to the GPU?
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User Info: Mushroom87

4 months ago#3
try your BIOS, when using on board video and my card at the same time i have to tell my computer to initialize the on board video controller before the video card, or else i end up with one screen, or the other, or neither.

User Info: mucloud

4 months ago#4
If you have an intel cpu and a gpu installed you need to tell the bios to use the onboard cpu in the bios first.

Then check your connections on your gpu.

Test out 1 gpu port at a time then the other one on the same monitor.

Then test the other monitor.

After you know all the ports work plug each monitor in the gpu and restart the pc you should be ok now. Also update or i stall the monitors drivers then restart your pc.
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