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Just tried Samsung Gear VR. Curious as to how PC VR compares.

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User Info: arleas

4 months ago#41
GoIrish80 posted...
The thing I have to ask about when it comes to "room scale VR" is......does it really matter?

It seems to me all you ever really need is a relatively small space to be able to move around because if you're playing in a game/world that's larger, you can't just "walk" everywhere. You have to warp/use a button to walk. So in what applications does having a larger room scale setup really matter?

I would tend to think that the smaller scale tracking that the "Mixed Reality" headsets do would be enough in pretty much every instance. Games like Audioshield, Space Pirate Trainer, etc require very little movement and games like Fallout require warping.

Before I bought a vive I thought that I wouldn't care about room scale and that I'd be satisfied just playing games seated. I got a vive and started out in my bedroom with a bare minimum of space (2m x 1.5m). I quickly got to the point where I was bumping into s*** all over the place as I moved around. I wanted more.

So I moved the vive out into the next room (my computer stayed in the bedroom by the door) and now I had 2m x 3m. It was great, and then I started bumping into s*** again. I wanted more.

I cleared my room out so that I could get as much space as possible, even going as far as to remove furniture that was just in the way. I got a 4m x 2.5m space at one point and the 4m I could walk without having to teleport was awesome. I wanted more but I was pretty much at my limit without moving into a new place. I finally settled on a more 3m x 3m space after moving a table out of the way and that's pretty much where I am now.

If I had a warehouse and enough lighthouses, I'd do it. So yeah, you can get by with less you could also get by with a 720p monitor or a smaller hard drive or whatever, but you tend to want more if you can get it.

Really, the best part about room scale is for those times when you need to move just a little bit, and the game doesn't make moving just a teensy bit that easy. Like say if I'm standing next to a character in game but not facing them, I can teleport to be in front of them and then turn around, or I can take 3 steps and turn around. Do that enough times and you will hit a wall or other limit eventually.

Also, not all games are "stand in one spot and teleport". Gorn will probably have you lunging and diving and flopping all over the place so more space = less of a chance you're going to put your fist through your TV.

Playing Rise of Jumbotron in Rec Room with @protools1983 and some friends I was constantly bumping into walls and chairs and other obstacles in my room because I forgot where I was and had so much fun. If you get into games like that, you'll see why you'd want more.
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  3. Just tried Samsung Gear VR. Curious as to how PC VR compares.

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