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Pros & Cons on buying a laptop to play video games?

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User Info: pipebomb_phil

3 months ago#1
Just read a topic about poor ventilation on laptops and how they aren't too reliable for gaming.

I recently made a topic asking for laptop suggestions to play Overwatch at 60 fps at 1080p (maybe on medium settings or close to it). My budget is around $800 or so.

I don't really care about portability since I'll be playing exclusively in my bedroom.

At the same time, I don't want a desktop at the moment because my room is pretty small. I was playing on a high end (at the time) iMac until it bricked on me. I bought the iMac before I switched exclusively to PC gaming.

If I buy a laptop, I'm only going to use it for about a year. I definitely plan on building my own PC when I have more money late next year. Plus I don't want to deal with building it myself. I really miss playing PC gaming and I can only afford like an $800 laptop.

So what are some pros and cons in your opinion? I think I covered them all for myself, but I might be missing something.

User Info: Tyranius2

3 months ago#2
It's smaller

Runs hotter
Needs to be plugged in to play games so might as well have a desktop

No room is too small to have a PC. If you're really in a room without enough space for a tower, you have bigger problems in life that you need to solve before thinking about games.
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User Info: Rolen47

3 months ago#3
Generally speaking it's more expensive and if something breaks you might have to replace the whole thing. Because of the portability of laptops they get more wear and tear than desktops. I prefer having a cheap laptop that I don't have to worry about if it breaks.

User Info: reincarnator07

3 months ago#4
If you have room for a laptop, you have room for a SFF system, which will give a better gaming experience.
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User Info: pipebomb_phil

3 months ago#5
Ok, but I don't want a desktop right now.

User Info: thelocalhentai

3 months ago#6
I use a laptop for gaming on occasion, especially light gaming when I'm at work or during vacations.

It's portable to a point and most gaming sessions require having internet and/or being plugged in.
The portability helps with plugging in into TVs and playing with a controller.
It does get hot but it most likely will be on a table or something and not on your lap, so in most cases it doesn't really matter.
The keyboard is crap compared to a dedicated keyboard, still have to plug in a mouse, but everything works ok enough for basic things or in a jiffy.
You aren't going to run graphics heavy games, especially for the price ratio but the games you can run, run pretty well.
When bad things happen, they happen hard. Being an imac user, you probably know the pitfalls of having components on one board. Good thing is, it most likely won't happen for a really long time, although that's based off personal experience.

Personally, laptops are in a weird spot between desktops and tablets, they can't efficiently do what the other do can do even decently but they do have some uses.

User Info: mucloud

3 months ago#7


Runs hot
Less of a lifespan
Not upgradable
Batteries life sucks
Breakable parts.....IE the power supply port breaks
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User Info: Boge

3 months ago#8
It's portable. It's easier to hook up.

Runs hot. Can't be upgraded. About 50% higher price. I know sometimes you have to manually switch between it using the dedicated GPU and integrated GPU. My friends complain about that being wonky sometimes.

My friends have since gone from using laptops to desktops. We do LAN stuff about twice a month. They prefer to hall their machines around rather than spend the extra price for a laptop. If you have a good bag/backpack to carry your things, it's really not that hard.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

3 months ago#9
Price to performance Vs a desktop is terrible
cant upgrade it outside of Ram and HDD/SSD
Runs Hot
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User Info: ablerider

3 months ago#10
Why don't you buy a console instead? A PS4 should be going for $200-300 on the holidays and you can sell it whenever you decide to build a desktop PC.

IMO a laptop shouldn't be used just for gaming, it's going to last a lot less because overheating is a common thing on laptops and you'll need a controller or depending on the model you might want a KB+mouse.
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