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PLanescape Torment-get it without a second thought?

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User Info: iemerg_

4 months ago#11
People are actually paying $20 for this game:? oll
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User Info: 2DJunky

4 months ago#13
Born Lucky posted...
2DJunky posted...
Born Lucky posted...
Honestly - I played it when it was first released, and I thought it was awful.
Baldurs Gate is 1000x better than Planescape

Icewind Dale series >> Baldurs Gate

As an adult, BG series is unplayable. They're titles made for runny nosed, spotty faced, bean eating kids.

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Tells you all you need to know

That's like your opinion dude! Me and many other people have been gaming decades before this site was even created. So...Just quietly continue care about your precious karma and other useless crap.
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User Info: Sum_quod_eris

4 months ago#14

You're welcome. | |

User Info: Djoser2000

4 months ago#15
Well... yes and no.

It sure is a classic and the story is still good to very good.
But it's a game from another age, so it's a bit cumbersome in terms of usability if you played newer cRPGs like Pillars of Eternity or Tyranny (I you haven't: Get this gems!).

But don't expect to be flashed like the people were years ago when the game came out.
Nostalgia is strong in the gaming sector but let's be honest: Neither Ocarina of Time, nor Final Fantasy VII (or VI), Half Life ², nor Baldur's Gate II f.e. do well against modern games since gaming evolved.

With that in mind it's a fun experience with a unique story and setting.

User Info: gideond

4 months ago#16
Torment is played for pure story and it's a good one. Actual gameplay is mediocre. Got the game on GOG for $5 earlier this year so it definitely goes on sale.

Also, Baldur's Gate is great story driven RPG. Icewind Dale is a forgettable hack n' slash with nowhere near the depth or length of play.

User Info: jjyiz28

4 months ago#17
its not a game, its an interactive book..
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