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Is my 4 year old PC more powerful than the PS4Pro/XBOX

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User Info: Scorpion122178

2 months ago#21
godplaysSNES posted...
What upcoming games are you upgrading for?

It's always better to wait if you can. When the games are released, there will be benchmarks available, and if we're talking about months, there's a chance Nvidia and AMD will have released their next series.

Monster Hunter World. Doesn't seem demanding on systems though.
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User Info: randomoaf

2 months ago#22
Don't underestimate ports. These companies rarely put time into optimizing ports.

User Info: arjames13

2 months ago#23
I believe the gtx 680 is very close to 1050ti. The 1050ti is a decent 1080p medium/high settings card. It definitely beats the regular PS4. The PS4 Pro is about equal to a gtx 970 or rx470, X1X is around a gtx 1060 or rx580 though. So everything except your CPU is weaker.
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

2 months ago#24
Yeah, your PC is better than the PS4 Pro, but not the X1X.

However, both consoles will outperform your PC with higher settings, at higher resolutions.

The 680 wont hold up at 4k, or 1440p, nor will you get 60fps at 1080p with the same settings the Pro and X1X are set at.

Has nothing to do with the capability of the consoles or your GPU, it more or less has to do with the fact that nVidia has gimped (or i guess the correct word is ignored completely) all Kepler/pre-Kepler GPUs in favor of Maxwell/Pascal--not to mention that developers aren't going to have payed any attention to anything pre-Maxwell in terms of optimization.

The 1xxx series GPUs are powerhouses, so developers using those to develop their games have tons of headroom to piss away in terms of optimization. That right there is what demolishes performance on older GPUs.
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User Info: ApexMjolnir

2 months ago#25
Swap the GPU for a 980 ti, and maybe faster RAM, and have yourself a nice potato smasher.
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