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Best Elder Scrolls for modding?

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User Info: 2DJunky

3 months ago#11
Some people just don't get the sarcasm at all.
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User Info: fallen_acolyte

3 months ago#12
Elder scrolls oblivion takes a lot of patience when it comes to moding... it can be quite teh nightmare if you don't plan ahead.
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User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

3 months ago#13
Its cool having both Legendary and special Edition. I'm glad they gave out special edition for free

User Info: FFT-Fan

3 months ago#14
KoRnKoB posted...
-My computer isn't great...

Tell me more.

I suggest selecting earlier games in the series if you're at or below minimum specs for Skyrim/SSE or considering upgrading PC which is what I did for Fallout 4. My current PC is basically made for Fallout 4. It really isn't worth trying to play Skyrim when you're at or especially below the minimum specs, I beat the MQ in Skyrim on my 2011 laptop but it was 800x600 with 10-20 FPS average with visuals worse than Xbox 360/PS3 but didn't want to play it beyond beating MQ & guild quest-lines. And I had to be careful what I installed as it can make performance even worse and can drastically increase loading times to 1-3 minutes so pretty much had to stay almost vanilla. That's with probably about 5-10% GPU & CPU power relative to my newer PC, cheap HDD and single 6GB DDR3 module at 700mhz as it isn't a gaming laptop it's a "multimedia" laptop. If your PC is about that level then I recommend Oblivion and maybe Morrowind.

I googled the requirements and my experience at least with the 2011 version is that the min specs they state aren't accurate unless running 800x600 and getting 10fps in cities is "playable" to you whereas most PC gamers aim for steady 60fps and want to play the game at their monitor's native resolution or at least at 720p. And especially for TES, people aren't going to want to run zero mods so IMO it's a given that people will want some performance headroom if you want to play as a custom race, use custom armors/weapons/etc. I think Bethesda didn't really think that one through.

IMO I'd say about this for min specs:
GPU: Probably GTX 960 minimum, probably the higher VRAM option.
CPU: i5 2500k or better. For AMD I don't know, any Ryzen will do great but most people say FX series aren't very good.
You will be able to reasonably play the game on 1080p and run a light load order.

GTX 970 (Will want more VRAM available if you want to run many mods)/GTX 1060 depending on how much you want to mod. I think you'd want the 3.5GBs at least if you want to run 100-200 mods including high end stuff. IMO it's a given because after browsing Nexus for few hours you'll have 100 mods in no time. You might want more VRAM if you want to go beyond that like merging esps to go past 255 esp limit and install everything you like. For Fallout 4 with mods I'd say GTX1060 6GB, GTX 1070 or GTX 1080.
CPU: i7 2600k/newer i5/Ryzen for AMD fans. Just need semi decent quad core to run the game well enough and be reasonable for multitasking. For Fallout 4 with mods I'd recommend i7 4770 or better, i5 6600 or better or a Ryzen.
RAM: My experience is you can have some problems on an 8GB system for Fallout 4. 8GB is probably fine for SSE but I recommend 16GB for FO4.
An SSD/or a ton of patience: Can't recommend this enough, the more mods you add the longer loading times you'll get. I was getting up to 3 minutes entering a city on my old laptop whereas on SSD it's almost instant. FO4 building menu takes me 10-15 seconds to load, it'd probably take minutes on HDD. I have nearly all building kits added. 250GB is ok if you play just Skyrim, get 500GB/1TB if going to play a bunch of them especially if FO4 included. I am thinking of getting buying a 1TB to run FO4 & Skyrim & Oblivion.

@KoRnKoB posted...
Morrowind has been worked over to hell and back in 2017 lol.

I'm actually curious about this. I'm interested to try Morrowind but I'd hope for some decent graphics enhancements. Really low quality 3D graphics tend to give me migraines now(sprites are typically fine).
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User Info: helldew

3 months ago#15
ive always wanted to play morrowind but never really knew where to start modding it to make it more playable kinda feels like a hassle to setup in contrast to other games although i should really do it someday.
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User Info: good_mangorush

3 months ago#16
Skyrim Legendary Edition, no contest. Skyrim SE is not supported by many mods and ENB.
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

3 months ago#17
good_mangorush posted...
Skyrim Legendary Edition, no contest. Skyrim SE is not supported by many mods and ENB.

Bingo. Everyone thinks SE is what you should buy, but if you're serious about modding, it's pretty s*** at the moment. SKSE is still in alpha, MO2 is buggy as hell and crashes all over the place, and without SKSE working properly, nobody is releasing mods that use script extender which means virtually any non texture mod that uses scripting isn't available or is heavily altered to work on it.
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User Info: kentuckybob

3 months ago#18
"Best TES for modding"


Choosing one based on its mods doesn't make much sense, just choose your favourite TES game, and mod it.

Morrowind is the best traditional RPG, Skyrim has the most active community and mod updates, and Oblivion is a nice balance between the two. I play and mod all three and enjoy them equally. They are all great games so you cant fail choosing any of them.
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User Info: gtomanga

3 months ago#19

it has more mods & it's getting the same new SE mods
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User Info: MrTuna

3 months ago#20
Get Skyrim SE if you want Skyrim

SE is supported by enough mods and its growing all the time

At some point SE will be the best overall version when mods catch up and Legendary is going to be worthless when that happens

SE is 64 bit so its better than the 32 bit Legendary version. People who tell you to buy Legendary are people who cant look ahead

You should buy SE
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