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Prey for $15

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User Info: emotional28

6 months ago#1

Physical only tho :/ but it gives you a steam code.
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User Info: Oakland510_

6 months ago#2
game any good?

User Info: Taitao

6 months ago#3
Thx I might buy it and save $5 over at steam.

User Info: RainblowDash

6 months ago#4
Physical is good
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User Info: sfcalimari

6 months ago#5
Oakland510_ posted...
game any good?

Yeah it's pretty good. Basically a single-player fps game with a great story, kind of a throwback to games like Half-Life 2. The combat is a bit too sloppy and the physics feel a bit outdated, but those are the only things I can criticize.
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