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Cooling Pad recommendations

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User Info: ufara

3 months ago#1
To keep things succinct, I got a new laptop recently and i was just looking for a cooling pad recommendation.

One that would work well while it is on my lap would be best, but it is not a necessity.

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: wantfastcars

3 months ago#2
I bought a cheap one from Walmart that worked surprisingly well. It was just flimsy plastic with a 120mm fan in the middle of it but it did help and it was comfortable on my lap.

I also had a much nicer Cooler Master product that I forget the name of - it was made of metal and had three movable 80mm fans. It did a better job cooling my laptop but was clearly designed for desk-based usage and wasn't very comfortable on my lap.
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User Info: Yadxov

3 months ago#3
I recommend this one:

User Info: unknown_VS

3 months ago#4
^ i have a similar one, works good enough.
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