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What are some good gaming chairs?

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User Info: Connora711

3 months ago#1
What is a good Gaming chair for my PC? I already have a regular one but it's starting to get very uncomfortable sitting in it. So what are some good "gaming" chairs so I actually play on my PC again.
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User Info: nathanvosgerau

3 months ago#2
I have one of these:
I like it and find it more then comfortable enough.
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User Info: AbstraktProfSC2

3 months ago#3 is having a nice black friday sale going on right now. heard good things about em
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User Info: Pitlord_Special

3 months ago#4
I've had this one for about 3 years now and it's still in good shape

User Info: Spacewhizguy

3 months ago#5
Padding for gaming chairs get compressed and eventually become uncomfortable again, and you're also paying extra for the gaming brand.

I'd get an ergonomic chair that'll last you a lifetime, e.g., one of the chairs from Herman Miller's twice-annual sale:

Ain't no amount of money gonna help after you bust your back from crappy chairs.
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3 months ago#6
It's a chair. Get one that is ergonomic and comfortable. The "gaming" tag is meaningless unless you want something that makes you look 15 years old.
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User Info: gwizzler

3 months ago#7
I've been looking into getting a "gaming" chair for months. I found them all to be generally the same, with varying degrees of build quality being the difference. Their answer for lumbar and neck support is a cheap pillow. Not exactly what I want in a $400+ chair. The only two I considered buying were a Maxnomic Office Comfort and a noblechairs Icon. The Maxnomic has some basic lumbar support options via a knob on the side of the chair. The Icon is made of real leather, an obvious upgrade from the cheap polyurethane the other chairs are made with. If a chair had both the lumbar support option and was made of real leather, I would have bought it.
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