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Cheap laptop for retro game

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User Info: king_madden

3 months ago#1
Mainly just getting a laptop so my ol lady can play retro games, up to 4 controllers and connecting to the TV if possible.

Anyone seen any cheap prices on new laptops that can do that? I'm sure nothing special is needed
finally a new .Hack game! its been too long old friend.

User Info: Cards_and_Hats

3 months ago#2
literally any modern cheapo laptop can play retro games (depending how retro I assume you mean stuff like snes or ps1 games) integrated graphics on the cpu have come a long way and probably fit all your needs

if you want to connect 4 controllers you might have to buy an adapter for extra usb ports something like this

your tv probably has an hdmi port which you can use to connect your laptop to and use it as a screen

User Info: bass_god6790

3 months ago#3
Raspberry Pi 3. Just a bit of setup and your rocking retro snes era games for under $50
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