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This steam sale seems mediocre

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  3. This steam sale seems mediocre

User Info: anonymous46773

4 months ago#41
Killer Instinct's half off, at least.
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User Info: yohabroha

4 months ago#42
Sniper Elite pack is great if you have friends who are into it as well.
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User Info: Nmilek1

4 months ago#43
The steam sale may be not so great price wise but the humble store & fanatical (Bundle Stars your new name sucks) sales are much better.

User Info: arleas

4 months ago#44
Nmilek1 posted...
fanatical (Bundle Stars your new name sucks) sales

TBH Bundle Stars wasn't that great either. It was just around first so we're used to it.

Fanatical makes it sound like they're going to strap TNT to their chest and run into a crowd yelling "Death to infidels" though.

Maybe they should have rebranded themselves as something that isn't a word...
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  3. This steam sale seems mediocre

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