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Which is better wireless or wired 360/XB1 controller? Any sales for them now?

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  3. Which is better wireless or wired 360/XB1 controller? Any sales for them now?

User Info: Oakland510_

3 months ago#1
I think it's a good time to buy a controller now cause a lot of games that are good with controller are on sale now

User Info: iemerg_

3 months ago#2
XBOX 1 controller.
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User Info: eddy1nsane

3 months ago#3
Xbox one S
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User Info: Oakland510_

3 months ago#4

User Info: Coffee_Nurse

3 months ago#5
Xbox One controllers are 39.99 on Amazon right now.

I'm buying one right now to replace my 5 year old wired 360 controller. From what I have read, the XBONE controller is an upgrade in every sense of the word over the 360 controller.
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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

3 months ago#7
Im looking to do the same. Cant decide between wired or wireless
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User Info: cancerquake

3 months ago#8
360's dpad is kinda bad and noticeably so if you use it to switch through menus a lot. i didn't believe it until using it for a few months and it started acting up. doesnt happen a lot but happens enough. also not enough tactile feedback

did microsoft ever come out with a good cord for the x1 controller?


3 months ago#9
As someone who owns both a 360 and X1 controller I much prefer the 360....for one the dpad is fine you mostly use it as a sub menu bottun anyways like switching weapons/gear in games for that its absolutely fine...2 the Joysticks are alittle more stiff and by stiff I mean they don't move as easily as the X1 which alot of people complained they had a hard time aiming with the X1 b/c of how sensititive the joysticks are also the thumbpads are bigger on the 360 way more comfortable for me....3 the shoulder bumper buttons...on the X1 you have to hit them towards the side the higher up you press the harder it is to press its a lever button where on the 360 its a button you can press it anywhere no problem.

Also they both use a different dongle you have to buy seperatly to connect wirelessly

Theres just something about the X1 controller that cramps my hands after playing awhile as well.
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Lord illogical hawk 3 months ago#10
They both work great; it's really up to your personal preference.

I like the 360 pad more, which I think is a little more ergonomic, and I like the sticks a bit more.
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  3. Which is better wireless or wired 360/XB1 controller? Any sales for them now?

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