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Just experienced my first steam sale.

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User Info: Scorpion122178

3 months ago#41
believe it or not the sale this year for Black Friday was average at best. I'm waiting for the Winter one that starts around Christmas before I get anything. After that you'd have to wait until summer though.
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User Info: lorac94

3 months ago#42
Yeah, I'm in no rush to buy games for a while. I organized my library with Short (Games that are shorter) and Long (Games that are longer like RPGs) and Completed. Only Playing 2 games at the moment Blacklist and Arma 3. I was only able to spend $200 cause of the trade in credit. Othrwise, I'm waaay more conservative with cash.

User Info: arleas

3 months ago#43
JKatarn posted...
'If only I had that phone/car/game/electronic doodad I would be sooo happy' Then people obtain the thing and realize it doesn't really change anything.

It changes things in the short term... then the newness wears off and you no longer consider it cool because it's old. I fall into that trap every now and then, though most of the time even after the newness wears off i'm still glad I bought it.

Sometimes people do the thing where they say "Oh I want that!" and then they buy it and almost immediately think "I shouldn't have bought it". Buyers Remorse... Even on stuff I know I need I feel like that occasionally.

JKatarn posted...
Same reason so many celebrities/rich etc. get deep into drugs/drinking etc. because they can have any material item they want yet they still have an unfilled void

I think that's also partly due to chasing the "high". You get used to the adrenaline rush, or the dopamine or whatever body chemical, and then you want more, but the same amount of activity no longer provides the same feeling so you go for more and more until you're dead from overdose, or your parachute fails or whatever.

I don't think that really applies to gaming though. Maybe Dopamine (since that's related to "rewards")
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