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What are you getting in the steam autumn sale?

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User Info: ChrisStarlite

2 months ago#21
Well not from Steam but I did pick up Battlefield 1 Premium for $15 USD on Origin, will think about what to buy on Steam later on or if my bro picks up a Nintendo Switch, may just get Mario Odyssey instead.

User Info: kbe2k2

2 months ago#22
Nothing... as it's been the past couple years as my countries dollar has dropped a lot so the deals haven't been as tempting. No complaints though I already have enough games to last a life time.

User Info: magicaltop

2 months ago#23
captsplatter_1 posted...
No indies, saving those for my Switch. See how things go for games on PC. Want to get Prey when it goes down to $20.

It is 20 bucks right now. I was surprised to see it at that price right now too. Might pick it up.

And to those holding out for Winter sale I doubt anything goes much cheaper than the stuff now. Maybe like 5 bucks more on a couple games, but that's it. It's just good to have the Winter sale to know you can whatever you skip out on in a month.

User Info: Pigeon_Senpai

2 months ago#24
All I got so far is RE Rev 2.
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User Info: Batto13

2 months ago#25
I got tales of symphonia and I’m thinking about getting the Witcher 3, but I already have it on my PS4 and seems like a waste of money.

I also got bf1 premium as it was on sale for $14

User Info: Setzera

2 months ago#26
Was thinking Sniper Elite 4 because I like 3, but I saw Denuvo DRM listed on the Steam page today so I may not buy anything.

User Info: lkman

2 months ago#27
Assassin's Creed Black Flag Digital Deluxe Edition
Assassin's Creed Black Flag - Season Pass
Tales of Berseria
GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst
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User Info: somebody336

2 months ago#28
The Turok games are tempting.
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User Info: Cryptarch

2 months ago#29
For me it's Assassin's Creed Origins (17% off meh), Steam Link (only $5).

Edit: Didn't realize Origin is having a sale too. Saw Sims 4 for $10 so I'm grabbing that.

User Info: nominturddaddy

2 months ago#30
I got the Wisdom Tree bundle. Was going to get through Steam but way cheaper on G2A. Then got Garfield Kart through G2A as well.

Both are pretty bad, as was expected. Back in the day I had Spiritual Warfare on NES. Better than the PC version. Also better than Zelda 1. King of Kings was the next best Wisdom Tree game, but no PC release, so not in Steam bundle. Joshua is OK. The Moses take on the same game concept is better.
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