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What are you getting in the steam autumn sale?

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User Info: ISDcaptain01

4 months ago#1
Curious to see what people going to buy/buying.
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User Info: ablerider

4 months ago#2
So far I'm only interested in DMC 4 SE.

Does anyone think there's going to be something special on the actual black Friday?

If not I'll just purchase it today.

User Info: Riot55555

4 months ago#3
Thinking about Nier: Automata and maybe Wolfenstein 2 (half off but it's the deluxe version, not sure I care about DLC. Might wait til next sale for base game to go 50% maybe). Considering Hellblade:Senua's Sacrifice, What Remains of Edith Finch, Axiom Verge, and Dead Cells too, but it's too bad most of those probably don't work with my new Ultrawide monitor (aside from Senua) ~~
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User Info: Erhnam Djinn

Erhnam Djinn
4 months ago#4
Bayonetta $10
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User Info: captsplatter_1

4 months ago#5
No indies, saving those for my Switch. See how things go for games on PC. Want to get Prey when it goes down to $20.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 months ago#6
12 on my wishlist are on sale. Wish I had enough money to buy them all. I got Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 so far, but I am planning on getting more.

User Info: WalkingPlague

4 months ago#7
Interested in R6 Siege Complete Edition-- it might be too late to get into it because everyone is God. Besides that-- maybe RE5: Gold Edition, Dead by Daylight with everything, not sure. I'll just wait until the Winter sale and buy some s*** then.
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User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
4 months ago#8
Virginia (90% off)
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (75% off, never seems to go on sale)
Batman: The Enemy Within - Telltale Series (I liked the first one)
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 months ago#9
Had a quick look, tempted by:

Barman Arkham Knight
Watchdogs 2
Dishonoured 2
Devil May Cry 4 SE
Steam Link

Will decide in the coming days.
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User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 months ago#10
Ugh... Portal 2 is on sale I guess... Is it bad that I'm still not feeling Tomb Raider even though it's only $20? Seems like maybe it should be cheaper by this point.
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