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Is Fallout 4 game of the year edition worth £20?

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  3. Is Fallout 4 game of the year edition worth £20?

User Info: Golden_Gonads

2 months ago#11
Crappy Fallout, fun game.

User Info: nominturddaddy

2 months ago#12
Fallout 4 is terrible.

Play Fallout 3 with Mart's Mutant Mod.
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User Info: Nixemo

2 months ago#13
yohabroha posted...
...are you saying its not the worst fallout game

No, I was reaffirming your statement and telling TC not to get it. <3
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User Info: Cobra1010

2 months ago#14
Okay im going to grab fallout 3 goty. Its cheap enough. Thanks for the replies everyone.
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User Info: CourtofOwls

2 months ago#15
well you'll want this:
and this:
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User Info: Hexenherz

2 months ago#16
It's not even just a bad Fallout game... it's a bad game, period. Played it for 143 hours... the whole time it felt like a chore. I don't know what's wrong with me that I played it that long.
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User Info: Somato

2 months ago#17
It's a terrible Fallout game


It's my favourite of the series. It's the worst Fallout game because they are getting further and further away from the RPG elements of previous Fallout games. It's pretty much just an open world FPS, and i love it.

Yeah it's worth 20
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

2 months ago#18
It's actually not as bad as people claim. It's a good shooter, but a terrible RPG. I love the old Fallout games, but I still enjoyed this one.

The DLC does have too much focus on the base building, which was a bit too overdone in the game. Saying that, I did get entertainment out of building things, so it's not all bad.

Great modding community too, loads of mods to improve the game and they're well worth checking out. For £20 I'd go for it.

Performance is a bit s*** though, shadow distance set to medium might help you out.
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

2 months ago#19
It's an interesting open world game. The world is beautiful (in a post-apocalyptic way) and very fun to explore, the weapon and armor customization is surprisingly good and will keep you busy experimenting for a while and even the settlement building can be fun.

One thing that I really like about this game is that, unlike the other games in the series, any piece of garbage can be useful. Even a dirty ashtray can be useful, since you can use it as material to build stuff.

Just keep in mind that the game seems to have been written by a kid. The story is lame, the dialogues are goofy, cutscenes are cringy... There's a part in the game that made me feel like I was inside a movie for kids. And not one of the good ones. And even though the game has choices and quests with multiple solutions, you won't feel like ANYTHING matter.

Lastly, the game is the typical Bethesda game: shallow, repetitive, buggy, packed with stiff animations, and load screens that take too long (even though you KNOW the game isn't really loading anything from the HDD/SSD).

I'm 110 hours into the game, and I still have lots of things to do. The game CAN be fun, just don't expect anything clever. Hell, Fallout 4 is a game for kids, save for the violence, and as long as that don't bother you, you'll like it
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

2 months ago#20
Cobra1010 posted...
Okay im going to grab fallout 3 goty. Its cheap enough. Thanks for the replies everyone.

Fallout 3 requires some tweaks to run stable in multicore CPUs, ok?

Do this, else you'll get some crashes while playing:

Open the folder 'My Documents' / 'My Games' / 'Fallout3'
Look for and open up the file FALLOUT.ini.
Inside FALLOUT.ini look for a group called [general].
Inside the general group, after all the configuration parameters, just copy and paste the following two lines:


Now save your work, close FALLOUT.ini, fire F3 up and get ready to enjoy the damn game the way it was meant to be played.

Also, keep in mind Fallout 3 CAN corrupt save games, so save often and in different slots.
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