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US government declares Loot Boxes to be Gambling.

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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 months ago#121
That pretty much is literally my point. I've been arguing that all value is subjective. There's no such thing as objective or inherent value.

And artificial limitation to increase value isn't only in the digital world... See my earlier point about the diamond industry. Diamonds are actually pretty plentiful, but to keep them expensive, the industry keeps very careful control over how quickly they're released to the public. But even still, all of the value diamonds have is subjective. Just like the value of digital goods - including those you can't resell or trade.
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

3 months ago#122
Took the government long enough. Can we please get on Nexon's case?

Everyone all on EA but you guys obviously have not had to deal with Nexon through the years.

User Info: BombermanGold

3 months ago#123
UnderwaterAir posted...
Took the government long enough. Can we please get on Nexon's case?

Everyone all on EA but you guys obviously have not had to deal with Nexon through the years.

It took a combination of a BIG company and an even larger company and license behind it for them to take notice.
We'll see what effect this has coming from the top to down.
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User Info: Sonorous_Jon1S8

3 months ago#124
To me it is gambling, but so is a lot of crap kids blow money on thats perfectly legal. I guess my stance is kids should be able to gamble... kinda. Parents need to have a better idea about the virtual loot box s*** though, I'm sure many thought the money their kid was spending was for a product and not a diceroll.

User Info: ApexMjolnir

3 months ago#125
In some states, ALL forms of gambling is illegal. Whether or not you consider it a raffle, or a skill based betting.

Funny thing is, that an E rated game can be released with a gambling simulator in it, and nobody bats an eye.

When I point out how you can simply lose access to items you paid money for, is a form of gambling, people tell me how that is not gambling.

Destiny and Destiny 2 both have this. Any game that sells access to one time use loot crates, is 100% gambling.

I have spent money on these Gambling things, because I felt that the odds of getting something interesting, was worth my money.

When in truth, I dropped $20 on a few chances to get something I wanted, only to get repeats of something I didn't want, with an occasional useful item.

so technically I paid $40, (I had to buy back in) to get a sparrow that I wanted, only to have it released later as free content.

The reason Gambling is so dangerous, is we are teaching the players of these games, that something they enjoy as entertainment, is dictated on opening your wallet for a small chance of enjoyment.

Knowing that people play so many games for the endorphin rush of getting something they want, and the addiction of that feeling that so many games already prey upon, milking the extra $20 out of a Destiny player that feels the risk is worth their $20, is basically like giving someone a single potato chip, and then offering to sell them the bag for $10, and then telling them, that the bag could be empy, or it could be half full, but you won't know until I have my $10.

In some cases, which are very rare, you have a small chance of getting exactly what you wanted, in your first roll of the dice. At that point you are forced to gamble the remainder, or simply lose it.

With no statistics showing your odds of getting what you want, at the very least, you run the risk of spending Hundreds of dollars, and never getting what you were attempting to get in the first place.

Why it took this long to get recognition, is ridiculous. It's been a staple in gaming for almost 10 years, if not longer.
If what I said doesn't makes sense... it's because you don't want it to make sense.

User Info: Edavy89

3 months ago#126
KillerTruffle posted...
But once I eat it, its so-called "actual value" drops to zero. Based on this argument, food is worth nothing at all, which means we're all overpaying for everything we eat. We lose the ability to sell, barter, or trade it, so it's worthless.

That's not even remotely what that means. A consumable items value is based entirely on the fact that it has yet to be consumed. Once it is consumed, it no longer functionally exists so obviously it has no value. That doesn't impact or change the value of the pre-consumed item in the slightest.

User Info: BearShrooms

3 months ago#127
KillerTruffle posted...
BearShrooms posted...
If there's any "being controlled by corporations" going on in America it's because people don't have the self control to not purchase the things

Maybe as far as loot boxes and games and stuff, but when the government is looking at borrowing trillions more dollars from China, and giving it to the richest people in America, placing the US further in debt, all while giving those same rich bastards additional tax cuts and stuff for outsourcing jobs to China rather than hiring Americans or paying them a fair wage, there is something to this whole "America is being controlled by corporations" idea.

Considering the fact that corporations (or their heads) are the only ones with enough money to influence congress and buy laws like these, we pretty much are entirely ruled by corporations. Net neutrality being done away with? Nobody but corporations benefit from us - screwing over common people for corporations. Tax cuts for the rich? Those people are typically heads of corporations, so again, placing more burden on lower and middle class while helping corporations. Screwing over common people for corporations. And so on.

You literally left out half of what I stated so that you could go on this rant. I don't disagree with you, it's just a bit disingenuous.

User Info: OrgeLambart

3 months ago#128
meh, Lootboxes are no different than baseball card packs,,, but I won't complain, loot boxes are kind lame..
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