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User Info: learjet777

1 year ago#21
BearShrooms posted...
Cobra1010 posted...
I live in UK so the coolest we get is only around -3 to maybe -6 celcius.

I would like to experience how those people who live in northern or eastern europe whose running noses freeze up immediately and have to have fire buckets in the streets to not get hypothermia. I'd like to experience that once to get what it feels like.

It stings. But it's really just a byproduct of poverty. Buying decent winter apparel bypasses all of those problems.

Not the point.

It sucks trying to change a lightbulb on your car, or do work outside because you HAVE to wear gloves.

User Info: SinisterSlay

1 year ago#22
"I grew up South of the 49th parallel"
You know nothing of winter.
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User Info: Rosencroitz

1 year ago#23
BearShrooms posted...
Fair enough. I want to respond, not to discredit, just to voice my own viewpoints.

1) Sure, there are more accidents in the snow/ice. Largely, though, in places where it snows people drive better in it than places where it snows less "duh". Having grown up in Michigan and having driven in it a ton as an adult I can say that it doesn't bother me. Driving on snow and ice is easy, slow the f*** down, it's really that simple.

2) Cold weather can be sucky, but if you wear the appropriate apparel it really isn't an issue like at all. I can see how having to spend an extra few minutes a day to put on an under layer, gloves, a hat, and a jacket could be tedious though, I guess. I don't see this as any different than it being 95 degrees for 4-6 months a year other than that once you're naked you're as cool as you're going to get, and it's still hot as f***.

It's all about taste though.

1: I had the displeasure of growing up in Indiana where the average hillbilly thinks to themselves "oh, there's a thick layer of ice with snow over the top of it? Better drive recklessly and 30 over the speed-limit every chance I get!"

2: And this is more of a personal issue. For example, I can dress up like I'm pretending to be the little brother in 'A Christmas Story,' in so many layers that I can hardly move and still freeze.

It has a lot more to do with your body type than you realize. Nobody makes a decision to be miserable when it's hotter or colder than they like.
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

1 year ago#24
Cobra1010 posted...
MarceloSampaio posted...

I've never even felt snow in my entire life.

Here where I live, it feels like summer all year. Heck, at this exact moment, I'm looking at 35ºC inside the house. With all the windows open.

You live in mayasia or something?

Nope, Northeastern part of Brazil.

In here, the winter is almost as hot as the summer, just with a bit more rain. Fall and spring, in reality, are barely noticeable. It's spring in here at the moment, but believe-me: it feels EXACTLY like summer.

At the moment (around 3:00 PM), I'm sitting at 35ºC (inside the apartment). The worst part is: this is a third world country, I can't just keep the air conditioner on all day, unless I want to sell a kidney just to pay the electricity bill. ¬¬
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User Info: godplaysSNES

1 year ago#25
JVolz1982 posted...
Where I live it snows 6 months out of the year. It's cool for a month or so but it gets old quick. Especially sucks paying the $300+ per month heating bill.

Where is it and what kind of heating do you have?

Most extreme cold I get is -30 celcius. It's awesome further north, around -40 celsius. But winter without snow is super boring, can't do anything like skating or skiing.
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User Info: HeliosMagi

1 year ago#26
On topic, yes, you do need fans even in a cold environment. Here's why:

Basically, still air, no matter how cold it is, can't cool fast enough to keep a pc cool. You need the air to flow. Fridges and freezers can keep food cold because food doesn't generate it's own heat and the fridge doesn't have to fight against it.

And temperature isn't the only reason to have fans. Having constant airflow with filtered intakes helps keep dust out of the case.
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