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Why haven't Windows 7 users upgraded to Windows 10 yet?

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User Info: it_r_over9000

3 months ago#111
Because I have no need to. Nothing I do requires Windows 10 and I'm perfectly content with Windows 7. I have to use 10 at work and I don't like it one bit right now. Maybe it will grow on me but right now I still prefer 7.
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User Info: gldoorii

3 months ago#112
I wish I was still on 7.. I'm on 8.1 and can't go to 10 because when I do all of my USB 3.0 ports go to sleep often no matter what fixes and changes I make. So, for that reason I have to stay on 8.1 like I'm on death row.

User Info: captsplatter_1

3 months ago#113
We can all agree though that 8 and 8.1 was s***.
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User Info: nominturddaddy

3 months ago#114
captsplatter_1 posted...
8 and 8.1 was s***.

No argument from me there.
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User Info: RainblowDash

3 months ago#115
Windows 10 sucks monkey f***.

Why the hell would you want to upgrade past Windows 7 the Best??

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User Info: Oakland510_

3 months ago#116
I don't remember which one exactly but I think after Windows 7 a lot of people complained about the new Windows. I think it was Windows 8. It convinced me not to upgrade. Not sure if Windows above 7 is worth it. I haven't done any research but like I said a lot of people b****ed so I ddin't upgrade

User Info: SleepComa

3 months ago#117
Still got 7. Too lazy to upgrade to 10

User Info: SSJ2SocksForWok

3 months ago#118
I have Windows 10 on a Lenovo tablet PC. The OS is garbage but the hardware is pretty nice.

Unfortunately you’ll need Windows 10 if you want to use Ryzen or 8th Intel CPUs.
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User Info: nominturddaddy

3 months ago#119
As someone who has a serious nostalgia boner for Windows 7 and wishes things never had to change so I didn't have to abandon it (for the sake of keeping something sacred, not because things don't improve and demand changes to routine be made), I really don't understand why Windows 10 is a garbage OS. From my perspective, Windows 7 was my favorite member of a family I generally had to deal with but didn't like that I had to, until I met that member of the family. Windows 10 was this newcomer that showed up and I really didn't like at first, then I went over for dinner to give them a chance, but they did it all wrong so I went back to my favorite member of that family. Then Windows 10 said give me another try, it's been a while, I promise I do better now. Then I went over. And yeah. It's tech. Things move forward. I've been convinced ever since.
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User Info: Spaced92

3 months ago#120
I upgraded to 10 (somehow got my hands on the education edition) eight years after getting 7 and didn't really notice much of a difference. Updates are a bit more annoying, I have a few more super niche features I've never used. There's really not much reason to upgrade.
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