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Did Win10 Build 1709 (Fall Creators Update) break your Radeon card?

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User Info: Kinny100

5 months ago#1
went from solid 60fps in Overwatch to a stable 17fps.

280x radeon

User Info: Kinny100

5 months ago#2
I even tried the latest beta driver from amd that's supposed to fix the FCU incompatibility.

nopppe. didnt work.

User Info: CursedPanther

5 months ago#3
Did you clean reinstall the GPU driver after the update?

User Info: MarceloSampaio

5 months ago#4
The Fall update broke my entire Windows 10, actually.

I had to reinstall it and disable updates. Eventually, Windows 10 broke itself again and I finally decided to go back to 7. I do have an AMD CPU and AMD GPU, BTW.

I'll EVENTUALLY try 10 again, but only when absolutely needed.
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User Info: JoboHotep

5 months ago#5
The 1709 update didn't really break anything with my Radeon R9 280X, but I did have to change the scaling when using my tv, as it was oversampling for whatever reason.
i5 7600k / Hyper 212 / GIGABYTE GA-Z170M-D3H / 8GB 17000 DDR4 / Radeon R9 280x 3GB / SanDisk Z400s 240GB SSD / EVGA 600W ATX / Windows 10 Home 64 bit

User Info: 1337toothbrush

5 months ago#6
This is why I defer updates. "DURRR TIN FOIL HAT!!!!1"

User Info: MasteroftheArts

5 months ago#7
I have a 280x in one of my computers. The only issue from the update was the black screen, but that was because of another issue.
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User Info: Villain

5 months ago#8
For me the fall update fixed the micro stuttering I experienced during gaming on both of my PCs from the spring 2017 update.
Formally known as Will VIIII

User Info: Samurai_Man

5 months ago#9
This update was a cluster****, it worked and installed fine on my Lenovo Legion Y720 but when trying to upgrade the new Lenovo Yoga 720 13 my girlfriend just got it literally took me 4-5 hours (with them downloading) to FINALLY get the Fall creators update to install as I had to reset the computer then install 1703, then 1709
It's your friendly neighborhood Samurai Man.

User Info: Kinny100

5 months ago#10
I did a completely clean reinstall with Display Driver Uninstaller.
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