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Probably thinking of getting a new pc

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User Info: ShaheerRahman

5 months ago#1
My desktop is on it's last legs

currently with a 5850 with i7 3rd gen. Had it for close to 6 years. Hard drive is failing and pc sounds like a hurricane.

I'm looking to get into something that works with my 4K Samsung monitor (display port), and something VR ready.

My main question, is it really worth going from a 1070 to a 1080. I don't really care about maxing everything out, and I'm more interested in getting something that will last a few years that can run games smoothly.

My budget is arouns $1800 Canadian, but if it's really worth shelling out more, i can go up to $2200.

I've been checking out memory express for a while, but dell has some Alienware stuff pre builds for good prices with the new i7 8700's.

Also for fellow Canadians, Black Friday the best time to buy or is Boxing Day better?
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