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Where can I request a mod for a game?

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User Info: Shiggi

3 months ago#1
The game in question is Dark Souls 3. I made the post on that board and they suggested I ask here so I’ll just repost it. Shiggi posted...
So there’s a specific mod I’m looking for that doesn’t exist as far as I know, and I’m sure the actual modders have better things to do than take requests for free online, so I’m willing to make an exchange. What I’m looking for is a mod that expands my field of vision by pulling the camera out behind me. Like the section in Bloodborne DLC at the beginning, right before you fight those 2 giant enemies (one with a canon one with an axe I think) right before you get to Ludwig. It’s at 29:47 in this video for reference

I’m trying to make videos where I stroll through the DS areas and appreciate the scenery but the character taking up as much of the screen as they do kind of makes it hard. Now anybody know where I can request a mod like this?
Any sources or modders would be appreciated thank you

User Info: ProfessorKukui

3 months ago#2
Lover's Lab. Excellent mod community, odd name choice though.

User Info: Shiggi

3 months ago#3
ProfessorKukui posted...
Lover's Lab. Excellent mod community, odd name choice though.

Odd indeed. I’ll check it out, thanks.

What the hell man

User Info: CommunismFTW

3 months ago#4
Read about Souls modding for a long time. What I know is this.

It's not possible as the camera is a physical game world entity that is running on hard baked coding, in that example video the camera pulls out because the geometry of the building is so tall. It's a purposeful script on an area trigger in order to avoid serious object collision on the roof, and it goes back to normal when you leave. To make the whole "game" that camera length isn't moddable, as the camera is constantly being manipulated by the boundaries of objects/the game world.
Since only from below can one better see the heights.

User Info: Hypertext_Eye

3 months ago#5
Actually I think you can do this with Cheat Engine. There is a first person "VR" mod for Dark Souls 3 that uses Cheat Engine, and the FOV is adjustable in that.

User Info: pothocket

3 months ago#6
If only there was some way to compensate people who create content for the work they do. Perhaps something that is integrated into steam workshop for optional, paid, mods?
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