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Build a computer for AutoCAD and Revit (winner gets a prize)

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User Info: PIITB415

3 months ago#1
I have only built gaming rigs but this is for a work friend. They are willing to try a regular GPU first and see if it meets the needs. If not, we will get a Quadro later. No monitors, kb/m, or speakers required. Just the right itself.

The more cores on the CPU the better apparently.

Budget (no real budget. Previous prebuilt trash would change them 6K a box. Ridiculous.)

Prize: whoever builds the best price to performance rig will get one steam game of their choice. Please confirm in topic that you have received the gift if you are the winner

At work but I will check back a bit later to answer any more questions as they come.

User Info: yohabroha

3 months ago#2
I'm just going to point something out, your prize parameters are kind of bs. Who is to say what the best price to performance rig will be when 1, you've never done this yourself, and 2, it completely depends on how large and detailed his revit models are, if he'll be working on multiple files/programs at a time, etc.
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User Info: wildog2006

3 months ago#3
You can use pretty much anything for that. I worked at a place that used Phenom II's and GT 650s for the workstations. We used SDS/2 and BricsCAD every day, and a couple other programs but not as often. Worked fine, the biggest bottleneck with our program was HDD read/write speeds for when the model was doing all it's calculations. Never could convince the boss to spring for a SSD, but then a 1TB SSD big enough for everything was like $1k.
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  3. Build a computer for AutoCAD and Revit (winner gets a prize)

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