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I just impulse bought a gaming computer - Can you a help me buy the accessories?

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User Info: Viking_Mudcrap

4 months ago#1

Hopefully with Black Friday deals.

I am planning on getting the Oculus Rift from Best Buy, so honestly I will most likely use the Gaming Computer for VR exclusive.

With that in mind, what type of monitors and mouse/keyboard should I get?

I have some really crappy 19 inch monitors, and some crappy stock dell keyboard and mouse, so I guess I can use those? But might as well get new stuff.

Regarding the monitor, is it better to buy two or just 1 big one?

Never gamed on PC.

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

User Info: Cards_and_Hats

4 months ago#2
if you impulse bought a pc and never played on one before, then you really dont need anything extravagant since you really wont notice the difference anyways

you are probably playing 1080p, so any 1080p 24 inch monitor will do and they are like 100 bucks, dual monitors are not needed at all and larger monitors are only needed for 1440p or above, otherwise they are too big when you sit a foot from your monitor anyways

all your mouse needs is a dpi button and 2 extra ones, these can be found for 10 bucks something like this

mechanical keyboards are nice but not needed, most people go with brown/blue/red switches for gaming, can range from $50 to $150, probably some black friday deal on it

of course this is all subjective and you can spend more if you want, depends on how "enthusiast" you want to be

User Info: loader963

4 months ago#3
1-An Xbone controller

2-Subjective but I prefer mice with two thumb buttons as well as the top ones

3-Probably easier to begin with one monitor. Should at least be a 1080p, ips monitor. Size is up to you and your wallet. Also don’t be afraid to use your tv if you feel the need to save a bit first.

4-If you haven’t used a mechanical keyboard then don’t fret about it yet. I love mine now but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. Also you should probably try a couple since M.K have different types of switches. If you can go to Best Buy or another big electronics store. They have a couple mechs you can try to see which switch type you prefer and you can search from there.
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User Info: Samurai_Man

4 months ago#4
Go get whatever accessories you need if you want quality ones and not no name ones from amazon at best buy on black friday. Their G502 mouse and logitech headsets and keyboards will be on sale probably some monitors too.
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User Info: WalkingPlague

4 months ago#5
1. If all you're playing is 1080p then make sure your 1080p monitor is 144hz. ASUS, BenQ/Zowie, Viewsonic, Acer-- whatever. You can always check Newegg for user reviews and go from there.

2. Mouse-- eh, this is more preference then fact. You can get a Razer Death Adder Elite, Logitech or some $15 mouse on Amazon-- your choice. I would recommend Logitech or the Razer Death Adder Elite.

3. Keyboard-- again preference. Don't get all swept up in Cherry MX red/blue/brown/black, etc. You're fairly new so, I wouldn't worry about it. If you want an RGB keyboard-- Amazon/Newegg has reasonably priced mechanical keyboards in the $50-150 range. Not sure what your budget is, so you have options. Brand-wise: Corsair, Razer-- or just go here: --expensive, but very cool to look at.
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  3. I just impulse bought a gaming computer - Can you a help me buy the accessories?

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